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0-4-0 Four-Coupled Steam Locomotives

Reading camelback

The Four-Coupled shown above, a Camelback type,   had the cab located midships and athwart the boiler, giving rise to both the peculiar appearance and name (the locomotive with the hump in the middle, hence camelback).  The locomotive shown is a small switcher, designed for use in a freight yard, as were most Four-Coupled locomotives.

rdg_1187a.jpg (75992 bytes)

The locomotive is located at the Railroad Museum of PA in Strasburg.  I had the pleasure of seeing it during a trip there in July, 2000.  In the photo below, that's me next to it, for scale.  As you can see, it was not a very large locomotive.

Reading 1187, 0-4-0 camelback

Here are a few other photos.

Reading 0-4-0

Reading 0-4-0

Here's a photo of a Four-Coupled that is not a camelback -- Pennsy #94, also preserved at the museum.

Pennsy 0-4-0

In August of 2006, MTH brought out a Premier line model of the PRR A5 0-4-0 switcher.  It's a superb little model; here are some photos.  The first shows the locomotive and tender broadside.

This is a close-up of the locomotive on the engineer's side ...

... and from the fireman's side.

Here's a shot showing the complex crosshead and valve gearing.

This is the 'face' of the locomotive.

The backhead is fully detailed.

This is the tender from the engineer's side ...

... and from the fireman's side.  Note the opening hatch and filler covers.

This is the bottom of the tender.  Note that the pickups are on the tender and not the locomotive.  The switches that control the 3-rail/2-rail operation as well as the pots for the conventional mode smoke and volume control are all easily accessible.

This is a rear view of the tender.

Finally, here's the locomotive in operation, puffing away.  Other photos and videos of this locomotive in operation on a hirail modular layout are available on the Great Train Expo page of the  CJDCS web site.

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