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EMD (Electromotive Div of GM) F class Locomotives

Lionel model EMD F3

The EMD F class was one of the first and best recognized diesel locomotives, due in part to the millions of models made by Lionel.   The Lionel F-3 model above (an A-B-A set) sports the lively colors of the Atlantic Coast Line.  The A-B set below is also Lionel, in the classic livery of the Erie Lackawanna (formerly the Delaware Lackawanna & Western).  It's part of a set called the Phoebe Snow, which includes four aluminum passenger cars.  They even got the flat-tailed observation car right!   A bit further down the page is a picture of the Erie Lackawanna prototype -- Lionel did a pretty good job on this model!

Phoebe Snow #1

Phoebe Snow #2

Phoebe Snow #3

Shown below are photos of prototype F-class EMD diesels.  Here is one of EMD's original demonstrator models of the F-3 diesel, painted in GM's own livery.

EMD F class demo

This is another F-3, in Western Pacific livery.

Western Pacific F class

The classic immortalized by Lionel -- the Santa Fe F-7, in the "warbonnet" livery.

Santa Fe F class

Here's an older F-unit leading a few Geeps on the "Route of the Black Diamonds", the Lehigh Valley, another line that ran through New Jersey.

Lehigh Valley F class

Here is another varient on the family, the FP-7, in the classic livery of the Reading Railroad.  The P denotes that this was an F-unit designed for passenger service.

Reading F class

Here's an F-3 in the classic livery of the Jersey Central.

Jersey Central F class

Here's the F-7 in the livery of the Erie Lackawana

Erie Lackawana F class

Here's an F7 in the lively colors of Dakota Rail.

Dakota Rail F7

Finally, here are a few photos of the preserved (and still functional) Reading FP-7's.  These were on display at the Railroad Museum of PA.

Reading FP-7

Reading FP-7

Reading FP-7

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