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2-10-0 Decapod Steam Locomotives

2-10-0 Decapod

The I1s-class 2-10-0 Decapods of the Pennsylvania Railroad, as shown above, were massive, powerful, hill-climbing freight haulers, that at one point were the backbone of Pennsy freight operations.

Other railroads had Decapods -- shown below is one from the Frisco.

Frisco Decapod

Frisco decapod

There is a currently working Decapod -- #90, on the Strasburg Railroad.  I had the pleasure of riding on an excursion train that it pulled in July, 2000.  More pictures are on the Railroad Museum of PA page.

Strasburg RR 2-10-0 Decapod

Strasburg RR 2-10-0 Decapod

Strasburg RR 2-10-0 Decapod

In January of 2004, MTH brought out a beautiful model of a PRR class I1s Decapod in their Premier line.  As you can see in the following photographs, it's a superb model.

The first shows the face of the locomotive coming around a curve on the layout -- that's O-72.


The second photo shows the entire locomotive -- I increased the depth of field.


The next photo is a side view of the locomotive.


The fourth photo shows detail on the top of the locomotive, including the sliding roof hatch and a red valve handle, as well as the lanyard to the whistle.


The next photo is a view of the smooth-sided tender.


The sixth is a broadside view of the tender.


The next photo shows detail on top of the tender, including the opening hatches, the trainphone antenna, and the doghouse.


The next photo shows detail down near the locomotive drivers.


The last photo is a side view of the locomotive and the tender together.


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