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Baldwin Diesel Locomotives

CNJ Baldwin diesel

The Central Railroad of New Jersey (CNJ, Jersey Central) was one of the few roads to use Baldwin diesel locomotives in large numbers.   Units of the type pictured above were called "baby faces" based on their appearance.  The unit above is actually a "Janus" unit, in that it has a cab at both ends, and operated equally well in either direction.  Another is shown below.

CNJ Baldwin Janus

Shown below is a Baldwin Janus in the later CNJ colors.

This is the Baldwin "Centipede" in the livery of the Seaboard Air Line.  The origin of the name, given the number of wheels, is fairly obvious!  

Seaboard Baldwin diesel

A Pennsylvania RR centipede is shown below.

PRR Centipede

This is the most famous of the Baldwin diesels, the RF-16 "Sharknose" that was a contemporary of the EMD E- and F-class diesels.  The name derives from the front profile.  In the fall of 2001, MTH brought out a Premier model of the Shark in the Brunswick Green freight livery.  It's an excellent model that runs well and sounds great!  Here are a few photos of the model, followed by pictures of the prototype.

MTH Premier Shark

MTH Premier Shark

MTH Premier Shark

Note the PRR trainphone antenna on top of this locomotive, exactly as modeled above!

Pennsy Baldwin shark

Here's another shot of the Sharknose, in D&H livery.

D&H Baldwin diesel

Here's a photo of an early Baldwin diesel switcher, preserved at the Railroad Museum of PA.

Baldwin diesel switcher

This is one of the Baldwin Lima Hamilton 2500 hp center-cab transfer diesel locomotives, a number of which were owned by the Pennsylvania RR.

In 2002, MTH brought out a superb Premier model of this diesel.  Though not a fan of diesels, this one was ugly enough to qualify for my collection!

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