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0-8-8-0 Angus Articulated Steam Locomotives

0-8-8-0 Mallet

This enormous steamer, an 0-8-8-0 Mallet of the compound articulated type, was used by the New York Central for heavy hump and pusher service.  In the compound articulated, steam was first fed to the smaller rear cylinders, and was then reused in the larger front cylinders.  Not very many of these monsters were produced, as the railroads moved to the simple articulated design.  Another example is shown below.

0-8-8-0 Mallet

There was even a camelback design locomotive of this type.  Only three were built by Alco for the Erie in the early years of the twentieth century.

In April 2004, MTH brought out a Premier line model of the Erie camelback.  It is a superb model!

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