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2-6-6-6 Allegheny Articulated Steam Locomotives

MTH C&O Allegheny

The Allegheny was the largest of the C&O steamers, and rivaled the Big Boy in size, period.  This MTH RailKing model, while reduced in scale to allow it to handle O31 curves, is still at home pulling a long string of scale freight cars.  And though the detail is reduced from the full scale model, it is still more than adequate.  One of the prototypes, shown below, is on display at the B&O Railway Museum in Baltimore.

C&O Allegheny

Another is on display at the Henry Ford museum in Michigan.

co_1601.jpg (26394 bytes)

In late 2003, MTH reissued their Premier scale model of the Allegheny with the full PS2 sound and control package.  It's quite extraordinary, as the following photographs show.  The first shows the detail around the sandbox and the Lima builder's plate.

The next is a broadside view of the locomotive.

The third photo shows detail of the cab, with the engineer about to get underway.

For the fourth photo, I've powered up the model and the smoke unit is beginning to work.

In the final photo, the locomotive is beginning to move and give the synchronized puffs of smoke.

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