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Alco PA Diesel Locomotives

Lionel model Alco PA

Whereas the Alco FA units were designed for freight traffic, the PA units were designed to pull long passenger trains at high speed across the country.  The PA A-B model above was issued a few years ago by Lionel; it's a pretty good model of the prototype, shown below.


Here's another prototype in the attractive livery of the Delaware & Hudson.

D&H Alco PA

MTH has brought out excellent models of the Alco PA in their Premier line.  Here's the 2006 version in an A-B-A set in the always classy tuscan red with five gold stripes livery of the Pennsylvania RR.  First is the leading A unit.

model alco pa

Next is the B unit.

model alco pa

Here's the trailing A unit.

model alco pa

And finally, here's a close-up of the classic nose of the Alco PA.

model alco pa

Here's a photo of the PRR prototype.

prr alco pa

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